Sunday, September 26, 2010

38 weeks

me & jamie are having a baby! probably in two weeks! here are some photos of 30~36 weeks in no particular order...

i've been making critters for the baby & so have some of my friends, it has a pretty odd but hilarious collection. right now i'm making a really stitched up sad teddy bear. i think he'll fit in great with these guys. they can be friends.
& then somewhere along the way my feet started to disappear...

Monday, September 13, 2010


jamie & i started this year out in italy! i was there for a month & a half and he was there one week short of that (he had to go to switzerland for a tattoo from rinzing). while we were there our friend becky requested a melodrama... so we made one for her! we filmed under the lemon & orange trees where we stayed with leilani in a huge house with an amazing view of the ocean. you can also check it out in better quality here:
that's max the cat at the end of the film...he followed me around everywhere...

there were five super cute puppies living there as well, bear was my favorite. she's the villan in the film. she always wore a smile on her face and i wanted to take her home with me. here's a picture of bear & chuey.
while we were in italy we went on a road trip through tuscanny & up to venice. venice was my favorite place i went to in italy, it's like stepping into another world. & yes, it really is sinking :(. at least i got to see it while it's still around ...
here's a picture i took from st. marcos bridge somewhere around the heart of venice.
 & of course i couldn't leave venice without some masks! 
st. marcos square venizia.
viva italia!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

drawings & paintings

jamie & i have been having late nights & painting together, here's a couple portraits from recently (mixed media on wood).

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