Monday, March 12, 2012

tibetan skull dress

i really really want to go fabric shopping!! however, i have so much fabric and minimal space for storing it. i am going through it all and making whatever comes to mind out of whatever i feel somewhat inspired to use. i'm really liking making baby clothes and accessories lately because they are small, pretty easy, and don't use much fabric. i used to screen-print, a lot! every time i did i would do a test run on some scrap fabric. i saved most of them. so when i found this old tibetan skull print i decided to turn it into a summer dress.
i've also been covering baby hangers (like the one in the photo above). i got the idea from this blog and have been adding bow ties to them.
tibetan skull drawing by jamie macpherson
happy crafting

Saturday, March 10, 2012

sad bunny. happy lion.

our friends took a trip to taiwan and came back with some lovely little aya stuffies!
now ayas worry bunny has a friend
another worried little bunny
aya loves her little bunny
and the happy lion too!    

thank you yu~wei & grace & kira

diy baby bow

here's a little diy tutorial for a really simple button bow that can be sewn onto a shirt, dress, or headband. all you need is: cool fabric, scissors, a button, thread & a needle...& maybe an iron if you're feeling ambitious.
step 1: cut fabric. i cut this piece 4.5"x6" for a bow on a small dress. once cut, fold your fabric in half and hold it up to the garment to visualize the sizing (remember it will be missing a 1/4" seam allowance once sewn) use your intuition! 
step 2: fold  fabric in half lengthwise (ironing is optional) and sew along two edges with a 1/4" seam allowance. leave one side open for the next step.
step 3: turn fabric right side out. sew an invisible stitch along the side that was left open.
step 4: sew a loose stitch along the middle of the fabric (double up your thread to prevent breakage).
step 5: pull thread to tighten fabric and secure with a few knots. you might want to do a few back stitches for this step to tighten a little more.
 you can then attach the bow to a garment (dresses or shirts work well) by sewing a button onto the middle of the bow and through the bow and garment.
hope you enjoyed this little tutorial

Friday, March 9, 2012

saunas, juicing & matchas

jamie and i have started making it a routine in our busy lives to go to a private sauna and steam room where we can sit and do nothing. that doesn't really happen much in our culture where everything is so "go" based and it's super important...and aya gets a little quality time in with granny. we have a little dinner date afterwards. we discovered a sweet little raw food cafe tucked away in the back of an organic market eternal abundance on commercial drive which is awesome. the kind of food that makes you feel good. then we pick up organic veggies for the juicer or chocolate (whichever we happen to be in the mood for). oh yah, i got a juicer for my birthday!!! i love it:) i've been juicing everyday and even aya has been drinking her veggie juices, not much though before she scrunches her nose up and says no but a little is better than nothing. 
this morning i woke up feeling like i was getting a sore throat. i got up at 7am and knew i had to make some juice or i'd have a horrible day. i made my juice, drank it, and felt great. obviously. it's the power of food. so here's my recipe if you happen to have a juicer:
2 carrots(peeled)
1 beet including beet greens
2 kale leave
1 apple
1/4 cucumber 
wash all the veggies and try to go organic. 
another fave of ours lately is matcha lattes made with almond milk. neither of us can have dairy and we try to keep soy to a minimum so almond milk is a healthy alternative and it froths great too. we get our matcha and all our tea lately from davids tea. and nothing makes it taste better than a great mug, seriously.

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