Wednesday, July 25, 2012

super simple banana coconut smoothie

i love that this summer's been nice and cool a lot of days. cool breezes and cloudy skies... it feels more like spring than summer. the other day on my walk with a warm chai tea to warm me up i saw a bunch of fall leaves, what is going on?! that being said on the days it is hot, it's really hot! how have you been keeping cool? i've been blending up coconut banana smoothies. aya loves them and they're super simple!

1 frozen banana
1 can of chilled coconut milk or cream (use less for thicker smoothies)
blend and enjoy!

since i'm an avid chocolate lover i scoop out half for aya and add more frozen banana and a few scoops of cocoa powder to the remaining mix. the banana acts as a sweetener and it's like a vegan chocolate milkshake!

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