Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the bridesmaids dresses

earlier this summer i was asked to sew all the bridesmaids dresses for a wedding. my friends mitch and amada got hitched last week and it was a beautiful wedding on a beautiful day. i was fortunate enough to get to spend about 10 minutes with the bridesmaids to get some pics of the dresses, here they are!
and of course i had to make a little dress for aya to wear to their wedding as well. this one is made out of all recycled materials. most of the laces used on it are antique or vintage and i drew the butterflies and screen printed them.
thanks charlene, clarissa, and kassy for looking gorgeous in the dresses and thank you so much amanda for having me contribute to your very special day! congratulations mitch and amanda, hope you're livin it up in maui!!


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