Sunday, January 30, 2011


i've been going through old photographs and reminiscing...i'm good at that. i've also been throwing together real albums because nothing can compare to real life photos. people seem to be getting so removed from them, it's kind of sad. so i'm working on a huge album of my favourite pictures from mine and jamies travels as well as a family album. there's something nostalgic about a big leather bound album full of memories. anyway, just because nothing can compare to the real deal doesn't mean i'll give up on online photographs! so here's a few of my faves (mostly of aya of course, my new little muse!)
 i found this picture in my cell not that long ago from when she was only two days old, she was so teeny!!     
we go for lots of walks in the forest
my two favourite people ever
love her smile
little bear

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