Tuesday, March 29, 2011


aya & i went to hawaii!! we stayed on maui with relatives and spent two weeks relaxing & exploring. there was a beach called baby beach which was our favourite because of all the shade and low water protected by a reef. we also drove the road to hana and went up haleakala volcano to watch the sunrise. one of my favourite places on the island was the lavender farm. here are some photos of our adventure….
the road to hana
sunrise at haleakala volcano (10,000 ft elevation)

baby beach
the lavender farm where we had lavender scones and lavender tea

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  1. I just found your blog.. I can't believe how I've been missing out on all this AMAZINGNESSESSES~~ Ahhh I just love you, thanks for blogging so I have more ways to creep you my sweet! x0 hugs and kisses to Jamie and Aya.. double for aya..


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