Saturday, April 14, 2012

that time i went to mexico

so i've been reminiscing travels and old adventures lately. it's that time of the year again when i start to get itchy feet. since aya's come into our lives i've been feeling quite settled, but it's buried within me to explore and adventurer. i was thinking about it the other day and so far aya has technically been to: portugal, england, scotland, mexico, and hawaii. of course i was pregnant in 4 out of these 5 countries. i didn't let it hold me back even though at times it was a 26 hour flight with an 8 hour layover coming back from england at 5 months pregnant (which was totally worth it, i even stayed in a castle!). and not for an all inclusive second trip to mexico to meet up with good friends. my ticket was booked before i was pregnant and while i was traveling in europe. luckily i was in my 2nd trimester when the trip hit. it was difficult not drinking a drop of any of the free alcohol the entire time let alone not eating a piece of fruit or having a sip of tap water. i made up for it with the free buffet (which i later regretted for obvious reasons). so here are a few of the pics i shot in mexico with my old camera. there where hardly any of me (my choice entirely), i was at that awkward stage where my belly looked like i was just bloated and nothing fit right. i remember rummaging through my suitcase looking at my sad lack of choices and bursting into hormonal tears wishing jamie was there and my belly was an obvious pregnant one and not a 'fat' one.
we sailed to a remote island for an afternoon (probably my favourite part of the trip)

and watched sea otters bathing in the sun.
this poor  cat lived in the wall of the hotel with her little kittens
i walked around the town a little with friends. i always feel like i have to watch my back in mexico, it's unfortunate but true. there where some charming little nooks and crannies though.
adios mexico.

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