Wednesday, May 2, 2012

upcoming craft projects

every spring i get super inspired, i become more productive as an artist/ crafter than any other time of the year. so i've been taking on new projects. i was going to build aya a dollhouse from scratch but when i saw this handcrafted one at an abbotsford thrift store (mcc) for $20 i decided to do some doll house reno's instead. it's now one of ayas favorite things ever, it entertains her for hours. we have filled it with all sorts of animals (mostly mamas and babies) and it's the 'animal house'. it needs a serious paint job (inside and out) and all new flooring. i will be posting after pictures once it's finished, i'm pretty excited about this little/big project i've decided to take on!
and i had been putting off fabric shopping for quite some time. it's one of my guilty pleasures. i find beautiful fabric and know exactly what i want to make out of it and then don't always find the time. so my fabric collection goes back quite a few years (seven years give or take). so when i got it more organized, cleared out some of what i'd probably never use, and finished some old projects, i decided to reward myself with a trip to fabricana. i picked out some fabric for some baby dresses i'll be making aya this spring/ summer. i looove the butterfly fabric. i got tons of it so i can do upholstery with it or whatever.
i've been buying some shirts for aya as well to alter and turn into baby dresses. i love altering more than design even. i just love turning something ok into something great. these aren't something i would personally wear but i think they'll make super cute baby dresses. i've almost finished the owl one. when they're finished i'll be posting a diy on how to turn a shirt into a baby dress so when moms grow tired of old shirts they never wear, their little girl can have something cute & 'new' in a few simple steps!
happy crafting and happy spring!

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