Saturday, May 12, 2012

a trip to the aquarium

this christmas my mom got jamie and i tickets to the vancouver aquarium, we wanted to wait until it was nice out to go so may was the perfect time. jamie and aya had never been there before and i have so i had fun photo documenting the trip. and we brought aya's little friend alice along with us. here's some photos from out adventure!
the belugas were the girls favourite part of the aquarium trip. they were looking at each other and squealing so loud for the most part they were missing the belugas floating by! people were watching them over the sea life, they are pretty entertaining...
so there's another little adventure checked off my spring wishlist. & tomorrow we're going on a day trip to squamish for mothers day!! i have decided to make mothers day MY day. i've earned it and want to make it a family tradition to go on a mini trip every year.

happy moms day all you moms out there!!

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