Wednesday, May 23, 2012

mothers day

this mothers day was so completely wonderful thanks to my sweet little family making my day. we started the day early, had breakfast and packed a picnic. we packed the car and took the sea to sky highway to our first stop, shannon falls. we went on a  mini hike, ate lunch and watched a spectacular waterfall splash down the rocky mountain side. then explored the quaint little town of squamish. checked out the flea market and antique shops. had tea. bought a blanket for our picnic. stocked up on more food and treats and took off for alice lake. we had a picnic on the grass and aya played in the sand and made friends with fellow family picnickers. it cooled down after dinner and we took off home bound. aya napped the whole way and jamie and i made plenty of rest stops to photograph the gorgeous scenery as the sun was setting. all in all it was a great relaxing day. it was pretty much a 'do what rebbi wants day' and it turned out close to perfect. it kind of makes me want to make a 'lets do what rebbi wants day' for one day out of the year for our family. just a little excuse for a little extra adventuring. because we could all use a little more adventuring. and it was one more thing checked off our spring wish list! actually a couple of things if i include the picnics! so here's some of the photos we took on mothers day...
it's so good to escape city life now and again and remember the way we're meant to live. or the way we're meant to relax. it's so easy to get caught up in it all. now we've just got to figure out what to do for fathers day!

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