Sunday, May 20, 2012

stanley park seawall bike ride

a good friend of mine from art school & nelson back in the day came to visit me this week. the cool thing is we both have babies around the same age! i hadn't seen cara since mexico when we were both pregnant. it's quite fun meeting up with an old friend when you've both traveled down slightly similar paths. we did coffee dates, shopping, sushi & a bike ride around stanley park. it was ayas first time on the back of a bike and she freaked out (i mean, really freaked out) when  she was put in the seat. but after a few minutes of riding we both loved it! i may have to get another bike, i sold my awesome vintage bike when i left for europe because i didn't feel like storing it. we made a few stops along the way for the beach & a picnic...
a coffee shop was a much needed stop. see my tea to the left on the table? i obviously forgot it there & had to run two blocks back to get it. a group of people laughed at me. maybe i run weird? then cara got shit on by a seagull which is apparently good luck?
aya rain & roady wild
love these two!


  1. Love these pictures, Rebbi....Aya is getting so grown-up and so fun to have a little pal her age! I'll bet that was super fun biking around the park...wish I was younger and able to do it!Take care...hope to see you guys sometime soon!

  2. it was alot of fun! this is a friend of hers she hadn't met before, he's 2 months older and almost twice her size, i could barely lift him! most of her friends are little girls...we have to get together soon! next time i'm out that way (which doesn't happen too much since my gramma's moved) i'll give you a heads up. or if you're ever out this way let me know and you're more than welcome to come over for lunch and tea!


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